Joseph Collum

Joseph Collum

Salvage: Making a Bad Situation Worse

By Joseph Collum 01-08-2016 06:15:36

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As if ever-bigger ships weren’t enough of a challenge, salvors these days must contend with political interference, misguide...

Leviathans of the Sea

By Joseph Collum 11-16-2015 06:31:07

Posted in: Article 4

When Malcom McLean launched the very first container ship in 1956, transoceanic shipping was so costly it made little sense to tra...

The Pulse of Global Trade

By Joseph Collum 09-11-2015 02:27:05

Posted in: Article 3

The roll-on roll-off sector shows the economy is strong.    Fitbit is the latest craze in so-called “activity...

Passenger Safety: The Elephant in the Room

By Joseph Collum 03-13-2015 09:30:05

Posted in: Article 3

***From Jan-Feb 2015 Edition of The Maritime Executive magazine*** If there’s one topic that’s taboo...

Meeting the SECA Challenge

By Joseph Collum 02-19-2015 04:17:26

Posted in: Article 3

***From Nov-Dec 2014 Edition of The Maritime Executive magazine***   On January 1st a new IMO mandate for North Am...

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