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China's Bid for Maritime Primacy in the Indo-Pacific

By CIMSEC 03-02-2020 08:25:00

Posted in: Government

[By Dr. Patrick M. Cronin] In this decade, the United States Navy may be displaced as the most formidable maritime presence in...

Budget Analysis and the U.S. Navy's Future Fleet Design

By CIMSEC 02-21-2020 03:05:00

Posted in: Government

[By Dmitry Filipoff] Capt. Arthur “Trip” Barber (ret.) served in the Navy for 41 years, ultimately capping his care...

Down to the Sea in USVs

By CIMSEC 01-28-2020 01:40:00

Posted in: Government

[By Norman Polmar and Scott C. Truver] “How often can you be at the christening of a robot warship?” Deputy Secreta...

U.S. Navy Heads for the Cloud

By CIMSEC 01-21-2020 02:05:00

Posted in: Government

[By Christian H. Heller] The Navy is pushing toward an IT future based on cloud computing that promises enormous benefits and c...

Tanzania Pushes Back on Chinese Port Project

By CIMSEC 12-02-2019 09:49:46

Posted in: Maritime

[By John Hursh] China’s Maritime Silk Road ambitions suffered a setback after Tanzanian officials refused to budge over s...

The War the U.S. Navy Lost at Sea but Won on the Great Lakes

By CIMSEC 11-26-2019 08:00:23

Posted in: Government

[By William J. Prom] The first part of this two-essay series discussed the U.S. Navy’s failures to effectively prosecute...

The U.S. Navy in the War of 1812: Winning the Battle, Losing the War

By CIMSEC 11-22-2019 10:41:13

Posted in: Maritime

[By William J. Prom] Many popular American histories of the War of 1812 portray the conflict as a series of stunning successes...

Unmanned Solutions for the U.S. Navy's Mine Warfare Renaissance

By CIMSEC 10-23-2019 01:43:34

Posted in: Maritime

[By Lt. Cmdr. U.H. (Jack) Rowley and Senior Chief Petty Officer Craig Cates] For those with stewardship of the U.S. Navy&r...

The Maritime Security Challenge in Sabah

By CIMSEC 08-16-2019 12:57:40

Posted in: Maritime

[By Zachary Abuza, PhD]  In 2013, a group of several hundred armed militants from the southern Philippines landed in the S...

Why Unmanned Systems are Ideal for "Gray Zone" Ops in the Gulf

By CIMSEC 08-12-2019 09:32:47

Posted in: Maritime

[By Heiko Borchert] Current incidents in the Arabian Sea should be seized as an opportunity to advance naval conceptual thinkin...

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