Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly is the principal at Sound Strategies, which is a marketing and communications firm based in the Seattle area.


Niche Markets:Ferries and Riverboats

By Amanda Kelly 2016-04-15 01:50:50

From shuttling commuters to and from work to hosting vacation-goers on scenic cruises, ferries and riverboats play essential roles. By Amanda Kelly Ferries and riverboats provide commuters with connections to major metropolitan areas and offer a means of transportation across waterways for vehicles and cargo not easily served by tunnels or bridges. These vessels are also instrumental in emergency evacuations in the areas they serve, as in the never-to-be-forgotten boatlift after the 9/11 attacks that moved 500,000 people...

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Offshore wind turbines

Alternative Energy: The Case for Renewables

By Amanda Kelly 2015-04-09 16:41:10

According to British Petroleum’s Energy Outlook 2035, which reports trends likely to shape world energy over the next 20 years, renewables are expected to increase from their current three percent share to about eight percent in the next 20 years. In fact, one-third of global energy needs will likely be filled by renewable resources by 2050. Renewable power consumption grew by 16 percent in 2013, providing just over five percent of the world’s electricity. Population growth, climate change and fossil fuel...

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