Video: Safety Lessons and the Deadly Dozen

By The Maritime Executive 11-09-2017 07:44:19

In the Latest CHIRP Maritime video filmed on board HMS Victory, the focus is on safety lessons learned from reports on attempted armed robbery, pilot boarding and a reminder for viewers of the ‘Deadly Dozen’ human factors. 

In the first presentation, a vessel was drifting outside port limits off the coast of Vietnam. Four fishing boats were observed approaching, two from astern and two on the port bow. Security plans should involve ISPS compliance, best management practice and intelligence reports on shipboard security. Be aware and be ready is the key.

The next presentation is a familiar theme for CHIRP News: safety – or the lack of it – in pilot boarding. Two reports are discussed. The first concerns a newbuild ship, constructed in the Far East; the second a pilot transfer case where it is a matter of sheer sloppiness on board the vessel concerned. 

The last presentation takes a look at what’s called ‘The Deadly Dozen’ - 12 human factors, leading to near misses that could have ended in disaster.
Additionally, CHIRP's latest Maritime FEEDBACK is now available and includes discussions of port arrival and berthing mishaps.

The Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme (CHIRP) aims to seek out root causes for near misses, without blame, identify the lessons learned and to consider how best this information can be used to prevent reoccurrence elsewhere in the maritime industry.

Confidentially submit dangerous occurrence reports to CHIRP here.

Captain John Rose retires as the Director (Maritime) for CHIRP in January. Captain Jeff Parfitt will take the role over.