Veson Nautical's IMOS Software is Integrated with Vessel Questionnaire System

By MarEx 2011-08-02 11:19:51

Veson Nautical and Heidenreich Innovations LLC ("Q88.com") announced today the completion of a project to integrate Veson Nautical’s IMOS (Integrated Maritime Operations System), with Q88.com’s vessel questionnaire system.

Veson Nautical’s IMOS provides an innovative approach to organizing and managing a shipping company from both a charterer and owner’s perspective.   The software—with its open and flexible architecture and published APIs for interfacing to corporate accounting, ETRM/CTRM systems or other third party solutions—is designed to reflect the way people work, with a strategic focus on support tools to help clients make better informed decisions.

IMOS is a highly configurable solution and consists of ten core modules: Chartering, Operations, Financials, Planning, Trading, Demurrage, Bunker Management, Pooling, Data Center and Data Services.  The modules can be integrated to build complete Marine Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for diverse industries including oil and gas, dry bulk, chemical, energy, commodities, natural resources, mining, metals, barge, offshore and defense. 

Screenshot of Veson's IMOS

Q88.com enables tanker owners and operators to complete various vetting/charter questionnaires directly on their website. Q88.com’s integration to IMOS allows this vessel master data to seamlessly flow to IMOS on demand, auto-populating specific information for over 6,500 vessels from the Q88.com system. Ship owners and operators can manage and distribute information for their fleet to terminals and charterers. Users are able to view, store, and email certificate information.

With this integration in place, users can eliminate double entry, automate manual processes, and make information for new vessels instantly available, thereby improving the efficiency of the internal vetting and pre-fixture processes.

"Getting ships vetted in a timely manner is crucial in today’s volatile market,” said Fritz Heidenreich, President of Q88. “We are very excited to help charterers streamline the vetting process.”

John Veson, President of Veson Nautical, said “the integration between IMOS and Q88 makes it easy for charterers to move quickly from the gathering of information to the execution of business. We’re pleased to continue delivering value to our clients through this partnership.”