Two Seafarers Dead and Two Missing in Collision Off Japan

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By The Maritime Executive 05-28-2019 09:23:15

[Brief] Two crewmembers are dead and two remain missing after two cargo vessels collided off the eastern coast of Japan, according to the Japan Coast Guard.

The 499-ton coastal freighters Sumiho Maru and Sensho Maru collided about eight nm off the town of Inubosaki on Sunday, and the Sensho Maru sank following the collision, coming to rest on her port side in about 100 feet of water. 

The Sensho Maru's captain survived the sinking and was rescued, but the vessel's four remaining crewmembers were missing. Divers have since located two victims within the submerged hull, identified as chief officer Kazufumi Kamimura, 60, and Akira Yano, 72.

Seafarers Saigo Umakoshi, 67 and Hiroshi Seno, 69, remained missing as of Tuesday, and the search continues. On Monday, a diver reported faint sounds of knocking on the ship's hull, raising the prospect that survivors might still be found.  

The four crewmembers of the Sumiho Maru were unharmed, and images taken after the accident appeared to show damage to her bulbous bow.