Tough Conditions Challenge Oil and Gas Award Winners

By MarEx 2011-11-02 10:48:23

In a tumultuous year for the oil and gas industries, it has been clear which companies are in safe hands and the ones where executives are prone to losing their heads. The current economic climate and a year of political upheaval in key producing countries have upset standard practice for many companies. In turn this has driven up price, which has not gone down well with consumers. Meanwhile, the pressure of increased taxation lies as a spectre overhead as governments look for easy targets to protect themselves from banking loses. 

Under these difficult circumstances, several companies have shone through their strategies to tackle these challenges. Some have delivered innovated in their methods to increase efficiency in their production techniques. Others have sought to adapt their strategies to begin exploration in new resource-producing regions.

In the spirit of the progress made by such companies, World Finance's Oil and Gas Awards 2011 celebrate the success of companies that have refused to stand still in spite of an inhospitable industry environment. World Finance recognises the outstanding performance of its winners in tough times, and wishes them every success in the challenges they face ahead.

For a full list of World Finance's award winners, click here.


Source: UK Prnewswire