The Nautical Institute Launches Shiphandling Logbook


By The Maritime Executive 02-07-2018 04:50:37

The Nautical Institute has developed a Shiphandling Logbook and highlighted how important it is for seafarers to gain sea-time experience and develop their shiphandling skills. 

Shiphandling is probably the most important skill for mariners and one of the most difficult to practice, says the Institute. The logbook aims to provide them with an essential tool for recording and reflecting on their experiences, providing evidence of what has been learned, identifying gaps and encouraging them to learn more. 

The Nautical Institute’s Director of Projects, David Patraiko, said the logbook should encourage mentoring, which costs very little, if anything, and is essential to the learning of shiphandling. “If done well, it will lead to greater safety, as the skill levels and confidence of officers will increase,” he said.
The generic and easy-to-use logbook includes a complete list of maneuvers and understanding required under STCW. 

A copy of the Shiphandling Logbook can be purchased by emailing: pubs.admin@nautinst.org