The National Shipbuilding Research Program Approves $1.8M for 12 New Cost-Reducing Projects

By MarEx 2012-10-05 15:12:26

On September 26, 2012 in Washington DC, the NSRP Executive Control Board selected 12 new research and development projects for award as part of the National Shipbuilding Research Program’s (NSRP) core mission to reduce the costs associated with Navy shipbuilding and repair. The projects, totaling approximately $1.8 million, will be executed through the NSRP Ship Production Panels which serve as the program’s primary public forum for industry-wide networking, technology transfer and best-practice sharing.

Panel projects are relatively small, short timeframe projects that address the program’s objectives of rapid implementation of innovative, cost-reducing technologies or processes. Like the larger NSRP projects that result from proposals submitted in response to a Research Announcement, panel projects are awarded based on their alignment with NSRP’s strategic priorities and major focus areas as outlined in the program’s Strategic Investment Plan.

The following projects were awarded:

• Identifying Opportunities to Reduce Grinding Labor
• Compatibility of "Single Coat" Tank Coating with Retained Preconstruction Primer
• Highly Portable Video System for Limited Access Shipbuilding Welds
• Lightweight Fillet Weld Tack-Gun for Precision Structure Fabrication
• DFP Rules Delivery / Technical Memory Management System for Shipyards
• Robust Functional Paperless Paint
• Customization of Femap FEA Preprocessor for Shipbuilder Needs
• Removal of Metals from Shipyard Storm Water Runoff
• Managing Simulation and Analysis Data and Activities
• Production Information Standards for Incorporating Lifting Lugs and Backup Structure
• Materials and Components for Exterior Electrical Connections and Sealing
• Standardized Welding Curriculum and Testing for Shipyards

For further project details, please visit http://www.nsrp.org/7-Press_Release-NEW.html.