Supreme Rudder Protection Given to Container Vessels in China and Poland

By MarEx 2012-02-06 13:11:57

Satisfied with the result of the Ecospeed applications on the rudders of several of their other vessels, a United Kingdom based company has ordered the application of Ecospeed on the rudder of another of its existing vessels. The rudder was painted with Ecospeed in Gdansk where several of the previous applications have also been carried out. In the same period the rudder of another customer’s 212-meter container vessel was given a protective Ecospeed coating in Shanghai that will safeguard it against cavitation damage from now on.

The decision to use Ecospeed was made by these shipowners after cavitation damage had appeared on the rudders of several of their container vessels. These rudders are given lasting protection by Ecospeed against cavitation which will prevent similar damage from occurring again.

A great deal of effort goes into the design and manufacture of rudders because they are such a key part of a vessel. They deserve to be protected adequately against the ravages of cavitation. Ecospeed has been designed to give a very thorough and lasting defense against cavitation and corrosion damage for the entire service life a ship’s hull.

The coating equally provides the rudder with an impenetrable protective layer, while its flexibility enables absorption of the forces that are produced by cavitation, thereby preventing the damage normally caused by this phenomenon.

Without proper protection against cavitation and the resulting erosion and corrosion damage, the financial consequences can be severe.

By removing the existing paint layers and applying Ecospeed on the rudder a shipowner/operator can break the never ending cycle of painting, suffering damage, having to perform extensive repairs in drydock followed by a full repainting, again and again.