STX France Reveals Sailing Cruise Ship Design

By The Maritime Executive 03-10-2018 06:05:55

STX France has revealed a concept design for a cruising sailing ship, Silenseas, that aims to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

STX France has researched sail propulsion since 2009 and developed a patented concept, Solidsail, which makes it possible to reach sail areas of up to 1,200 square meters (12,900 square feet) safely. Arising from that, the company says it can offer the market a range of innovative vessels.

By combining the use of the sails with the latest propulsion and energy production technologies (such as LNG, batteries, automation), Silenseas could reduce the use of propulsion energy by 60 percent Caribbean routes, while allowing exceptional performance under sail (12 knots with 15 knots of wind).

In addition, by adopting the sailing design codes, STX France's project teams have designed a vessel that they say creates a break from the architecture of today's cruise liners. 190 meters (623 feet) long and with 150 passenger cabins, it offers another "eco-responsible" cruise experience that will appeal to a new type of adventurous and environmentally conscious cruiser.