Maritime Cabotage Task Force Thanks Admiral Allen For His Service

WASHINGTON- The Maritime Cabotage Task Force today released a statement commending the service of U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen. “We are grateful for the service of Admiral Thad Allen throughout his career, and particularly for his leadership during the BP oil spill. “Admiral Allen handled the spill response with calm professionalism. Working in collaboration with experts in industry and government, Admiral Allen helped lead the largest maritime mobilization since D-Day. More than five thousand American and foreign vessels assisted with the clean-up. The U.S. maritime industry responded immediately and effectively to his direction, helping to better protect the environment and natural resources so critical to the Gulf economies. “Admiral Allen also stood up for the American maritime industry and spoke the truth in the midst of the crisis. When some played politics with the crisis and accused the Jones Act of hindering the clean-up effort, Admiral Allen rejected such falsehoods based on the facts as he knew them to be. “We thank him for his unwavering commitment and leadership, and wish him fair winds and following seas during his retirement. His entire career has been the embodiment of Semper Paratus.” Maritime Cabotage Task Force was founded in 1995 to promote the U.S.-flag fleet engaged in domestic waterborne commerce. With more than 400 members, MCTF is the largest coalition ever assembled to represent the domestic segment of the U.S. Merchant Marine. Nationwide, there are more than 39,000 vessels engaged in Jones Act commerce and they annually move more than 1 billion tons of cargo and 100 million passengers. The Act has been broadly supported by every Congress and Administration since its passage in 1920 and is considered a key element in the nation’s defense capabilities. For additional information on the U.S. Maritime Cabotage Task Force, please visit http://www.mctf.com.