Short Sea Shipping Companies Consolidate

Carisbrooke shipping

By MarEx 2016-11-14 17:37:38

As of January 1, 2017, Carisbrooke Shipping and Nova Marine Carriers have agreed to expand and consolidate the companies’ commercial short sea bulk activities.

The coordination of all chartering and operation activities will be handled from Nova Marine’s headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland. This will include the effective control of both groups’ vessels and contracts. 

This consolidation is a tangible example of two traditionally shortsea shipowners joining forces to service our mutual customers with a modern and versatile fleet of around 60 vessels ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 15,000 dwt, said Carisbrooke Shipping in a statement.

Carisbrooke Shipping controls a combination of 48 shortsea, multi-purpose and bulk carriers (including grab fitted vessels) ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 13,400 dwt with an emphasis on U.K. Continent/Mediterranean short sea market as their core business with grains, fertilizers, coal, forest products etc. 

With offices in Cowes (Isle of Wight – U.K.) and Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, Carisbrooke is also actively involved in dry bulk trades within and between European, Trans-Atlantic, Americas and Far East markets.

Nova Marine Carriers is currently controlling a fleet of 50 vessels ranging from 5,000 dwt up to 57,000 dwt bulk carriers including the development of rapidly expanding fleet of cement pneumatic vessels. Nova’s core business is mainly on Baltic-North Europe/Mediterranean-Black Sea trades with 25/32,000 dwt grab fitted bulk carriers and they have close association within the steel and cement industries. Furthermore, Nova is active in PG/Indian Ocean markets and in the Americas. 

Robert Wester, COO of Carisbrooke Shipping, said: “This is an extremely positive development during a challenging time for the industry.”

Vincenzo Romeo, CEO of Nova Marine Carriers, said: “Having Carisbrooke’s strength in North Europe and ours in South Europe, we are confident in bringing both commercial teams effectively together with an equitable cooperation and most importantly, servicing mutual existing and new customers with highest quality tonnage and performance.”