Samsung Obtains ABS Design Certification for Natural Gas Liquefaction

ABS certifies Samsung LNG process
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Published Sep 1, 2020 7:55 PM by The Maritime Executive

ABS issued a design certification to Samsung Heavy Industries for its Natural Gas Liquefaction Cycle technology. According to Samsung, it is a first for the shipbuilding industry obtaining the Detailed Design Approval from ABS.

The natural gas liquefaction process is a core technology related to LNG that enables the storage and transportation by cooling the gas to below -160 degrees Celsius using a refrigerant at room temperature to liquefy it. The technology requires elaborate design during the liquefaction process, which is mostly performed by advanced engineering companies such as those in the United States and Australia.

Samsung said that it had been working on the process for three years drawing on its experience in FLNG. According to the company, “Using methane (CH?) and nitrogen (N?) as refrigerant gases, and by subdividing the expansion process and optimizing the amount of refrigerant, the power consumption required to produce 1 ton of LNG compared to the existing gas expansion and liquefaction process is reduced by up to 13 percent.”

The company believes there will be an increase in the supply and demand for LNG and having developed this capability with provide it a competitive advantage to win future LNG contracts.

“Through this, Samsung Heavy Industries has reinforced its position as an EPC company that can design its own liquefaction process, as well as reduce costs due to payment of technical fees and restrictions on equipment selection, freeing from dependence on advanced overseas engineering companies with original technology,” the company in its statement announced the ABS design certification.