Ro-Ro Using Compressed Hydrogen Fuel Receives Design Approval

compressed hydrogen ro-ro
Ro-ro design is the first to use solely compressed hydrogen fuel (Aurelia)

Published Sep 8, 2022 8:03 PM by The Maritime Executive

Start-up Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design, which is focusing on zero emission shipping, has unveiled a new design for the first ro-ro that used 100 percent hydrogen propulsion. The company says that the unique designs of the vessel, which received an Approval in Principle from RINA based on the newly published Rules for Hydrogen Fueled Ships, can also be a model for heavy-lift, ro-pax, and cruise ships to adopt pure hydrogen power.

The new design concept is the ACD01 1000, a ro-ro vessel for transporting cargo, with electric propulsion using highly compressed H2 as its fuel. The power to operate the vessel will come entirely from compressed hydrogen which would generate no environmentally harmful emissions. The design would support the operation of the vessel both at sea as well as in port.

The hybrid propulsion is based on battery and fuel cell power modules. It is not supported by internal combustion engines using conventional fuels. The batteries are also used as an energy storage source to supply power for the hotel load.

“The world of zero emissions is a pioneering world open to new opportunities, which to some extent reminds me of the first operations in the heavy lift sector,” said Ton Bos, partner, and co-founder of Aurelia. “The cooperation with RINA is a strong signal that the maritime world is ready to work together for clean shipping.”

The company views it as a pioneering design that can be applied to other segments of shipping. The hull is designed to ensure excellent hydrodynamic and maximum propeller efficiency while the overall vessel complies with and goes well beyond the limits set by EEDI Phase 3 according to MEPC, they noted. In addition, the ballast water treatment plant is in accordance with the latest amendments of the International Ballast Water Management Convention.

“This new design for a compressed hydrogen ro-ro is part of a long-term cooperation between Aurelia and RINA in which we will develop a liquefied hydrogen propulsion system that could be used for heavy lift, cruise, and Ro-Pax vessels,” said Raffaele Frontera, founding partner of Aurelia Green Concept Design.

RINA noted that they are also using the experience developed in this partnership to fine-tune its recently published rules for hydrogen. They are focusing on the challenges as well as to verify the technology readiness and the systems used for the storage, supply, and bunkering of hydrogen.