Rescued Crew Recounts Pirate Brutality

Six bullets found in captain’s body

South Korean sailors from a cargo ship that was rescued from pirate control two weeks ago, report being brutally attack by their captors.

Pirates reportedly threatened to kill the crew repeatedly and continually beat them. One crewmember said he lost several teeth after his captors attacked him.

Pirates hijacked the SAMHO JEWELERY on Jan 15, and held the ship under their control for six days. The crew of 21 was rescued after a South Korean military raid, during which eight pirates were killed.

A pirate shot the ship’s captain Seok Hae-Kyun, in the stomach during the raid. His crew is hailing him as a hero, saying he intentionally ran in a zig zag course to give the South Korean destroyer time to catch up with them, despite constant threats from the pirates. Chief engineer, Chung Mann-Ki also said that he and his colleagues sabotaged the rudder and mixed water in with the oil to help slow the ship down.

Seok remains in critical condition in a South Korean Hospital. Doctors say he is no longer bleeding internally and will not require additional blood transfusions. However, the captain continues to have difficulty with proper function of his lungs and heart. He is also suffering from a ruptured liver and fractures to his left wrist, left thigh and right knee. Six bullets were found in Seok’s body.

The five surviving pirates are being held in Busan, where they are being interrogated. If the captain dies, the shooter could face life in prison or the death penalty.

PICTURED: Korean commandos aboard the chemical tanker Samho Jewelry