Remains of Second Sewol Victim Confirmed


By The Maritime Executive 05-19-2017 01:51:01

On Friday, the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries announced that the National Institute of Scientific Investigation has confirmed the identity of a student whose remains were found aboard the wreck of the ferry Sewol earlier this week. 

The student, Huh Da-yoon, is the second victim whose identity has been confirmed after forensic tests. The first, Ko Chang-seok, was a teacher from Huh's school. The tests had been expected to take up to a month, but Korea Times reports that the forensic team used dental records and radiographic examination of the victims' teeth to quickly confirm their identities. DNA analysis of the remains continues. 

The bodies of seven passengers are still missing, and the search crew is expanding their work into compartments on the third and fifth decks, cutting through plating and debris in order to gain access. They have found countless personal belongs in the course of the search, and the total now stands at nearly 1,900 items – a reflection of the scale of the tragedy.

Lloyd's to compensate victims' families

Reinsurance News and the Investor report that reinsurers Lloyd's of London and Korean Re have agreed to pay out nearly $90 million in compensation to the families of the Sewol victims. The agreement was forged at a meeting between Lloyd's, representatives of the Sewol's insurers and Korean government officials, bringing two years of negotiations to a close. 

Lloyd's had previously contended that the Sewol's operator held the liability for the claims because the vessel had violated multiple maritime safety regulations. Investigators found that the Sewol had undergone improper structural modifications and was overloaded with excess cargo, which reduced her stability and contributed to her capsize. 

While the Sewol’s operator may have violated the terms of its insurance agreement, Lloyd's appears to have made a business decision to waive the precise terms of the contract. Lloyd’s reportedly agreed to pay compensation "after gauging its relations with the Korean government and business ties."