Queen Elizabeth Leads Flotilla in Thames River Pageant

By MarEx 2012-06-03 10:36:26

More than a thousand boats participate in the Thames River Pageant in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

The first is the man powered boats- the gondalas, viking boats and skiffs. Following the man powered vessels are the smaller ships, military and historic vessels - the largest collection of historic vessels ever on the Thames. Ships that work on the river such as the coast guard, police, search and rescue, will also participate.  Coming in at the rear are the passenger vessels. 

The floatilla is the largest on the River Thames since 1662 when a similar celebration took place in honor of Charles II. 

The Queen and the royal family are enjoying the pageantry from the royal barge decorated with the royal coat of arms, flowers and velvet curtains. 

The pageant is led by a floating ferry carrying eight church bells cast especially for the Jubilee. Each of the eight bells is named for a senior member of the Royal Family. 

BBC has live coverage of the event.