Plans for Brisbane's Mega Cruise Terminal Agreed

Brisbane terminal

By The Maritime Executive 2017-04-10 05:50:28

Plans for a new mega-cruise ship terminal near the mouth of the Brisbane River in Queensland, Australia, have progressed, with stakeholders reaching in-principle agreement on commercial and technical issues.

The Port of Brisbane’s plans needed to address issues such as road access to the proposed site at Luggage Bay.

Port of Brisbane CEO Roy Cummins said that while the agreements don’t mean a final investment decision has been made, they have been a key requirement for the project’s viability.

The proposed new terminal will be able to accommodate the mega-ships now becoming widespread in the cruise industry. It’s estimated that over 60 percent of cruise ships in Australia will be longer than 270 meters (886 feet) by 2020.

The Port of Brisbane’s plan calls for a A$100 million ($75 million) tourist facility for berthing these mega cruise ships on the north side at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

Brisbane is gaining in popularity as a starting point for short cruises to Northern Queensland and the South Pacific. However, new mega cruise ships currently have no option other than to dock at an industrial berth at the Port of Brisbane on the south side of the Brisbane River.

Construction of the new facility is expected to be completed during the 2019-20 cruise season.

In 2015-16, a record 329 cruise ships visited Queensland – more than any other Australian state.