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Costa Rica: 54 African Migrants Found on Costa Rican Coast

Sep 15, 2009 — This past Saturday (9/12), Costa Rican authorities rescued 54 African migrants, who were in poor condition, from an unseaworthy boat on the country's Caribbean coast. The police detained three crew members suspected of being human smugglers.

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Pakistan: Pakistan Police Foil Attack on Karachi Port Oil Facility

Sep 15, 2009 — Pakistani police apparently foiled an attempted terrorist attack on the Keamari Oil Refinery in the Pakistan city of Karachi on Monday (9/14). It seems that at least three men, disguised as women, tried to enter the oil storage terminal and a gunfight ensued. One private security guard was killed before police drove the assailants off. The suspects left behind a number of assault rifles, ammunition and grenades.

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Somalia: Crew of N. Korea Cargo Ship Repels Pirates

Sep 15, 2009 — It is being reported that the crew of a North Korean cargo ship successfully fended off a pirate attack in the waters off the coast of the Somali capital of Mogadishu on September 5. The crew used improvised Molotov cocktails and flare guns to turn the pirates away. The N. Korean ship did suffer some damage and one crewmember was injured during the fight.

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Somalia: U.S. Maritime Administration Warns Ship Operators of Piracy

Sep 12, 2009 — With the Indian Ocean monsoon season coming to an end, another international warning about maritime piracy off the Horn of Africa has been issued. This one comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration (MARAD) and provides guidance for transiting the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean.

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Sierra Leone: Some 200 People Missing in Ferry Accident

Sep 11, 2009 — A passenger ferry capsized and sank Tuesday night (9/8) in the Atlantic Ocean off the Sierra Leone coast in western Africa. 37 people have been rescued, but more than 30 are dead, and perhaps as many as 200 passengers are still missing.

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