Pirates Attack Further South Than Ever Before

EU NAVFOR, the European Union’s anti-piracy force reports that Somali pirates have attempted to hijack two ships in the Mozambique Channel, going further south than ever before.

In two separate attacks on the 24th and 25th of December, pirates unsuccessfully targeted a Russian owned tanker known as the NS AFRICA and an Indian owned bulk carrier, the MAJESTIC.

The ships were travelling in the Mozambique Channel at the time of attack; some 950 nautical miles south of Tanzania’s main port, Dar es Salaam. Both ships were able to avoid hijackings by utilizing “Best Management Practices,” however the attacks show the growing reach of Somali pirates and their increasing use of mother ships to launch attacks from.

It’s possible that Somali pirates are targeting the Mozambique coast because of the countries lack of an offshore naval patrol and other resources to combat piracy.