Pirates Grab Three Ships, Chinese Sailors Fight Back, Indian Navy Captures 23 Pirates

As new wave of piracy hits the Gulf of Aden amid strong Coalition of warships patrolling the high seas, Chinese mariners thwart hijack attempt by fighting back.

A Chinese ship owned by China Communications Construction Company was attacked by nine pirates toting rocket launchers and machine guns. As the pirates boarded the ship, the crew of 30 on the M/V ZHENHUA 4, flagged in St. Vincent, locked themselves in the ship’s quarters and used fire hydrants and firebombs to keep the pirates out. Meanwhile, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) coordinated rescue efforts with Coalition Forces, who sent helicopters and warships to the scene.

They pirates eventually fled as the naval forces approached. The rescue was the latest successful intervention by a new European Union task force. However, Somali pirates did capture three other ships in the Gulf of Aden on December 16, 2008, including a yacht crewed by two people, the M/V BOSPHORUS PROGIDY, a cargo vessel, and a TOTAL tug serving as an oil support ship.

Indian Navy Captures 23 Pirates

India's INS MYSORE and its armed helicopter were on patrol when it received a distress call from the Ethiopian-flagged MV GIBE saying two high-speed boats were in pursuit and firing at them. When the military force showed up at the scene, the pirates disengaged its attack and tried to flee, but were quickly stopped.

Indian commandos boarded the large pirate boat and seized 12 Somalis and 11 Yemeni nationals as well as arms and equipment.