Northern Lights, Inc. Representative in Northern Europe

By MarEx 2011-06-30 15:53:03

Northern Lights is pleased to announce that as of 1 July 2011, we have appointed Koen Maronier of MarPower as our official factory representative for Northern Europe.  Based in The Netherlands in the city of Lemmer, Mr. Maronier has worked with Northern Lights for several years as an authorized dealer and brings a wealth of product and industry knowledge to the Northern Lights team.  His partner in MarPower, Hans van Eijk, is one of the most highly trained technicians in the Northern Lights service network and will be an invaluable resource in helping our customers with technical advice, training and service assistance throughout the territory.

While we are excited about the official appointment of MarPower as our new representatives, it is with heavy hearts and great thanks that we also announce the retirement of Maarten Boutkan from the same position.  For 25 years, Maarten has diligently served as the champion of Northern Lights in Northern Europe, leading to tremendous success and growth throughout the years.  Mr. Boutkan’s accomplishments are too numerous to list, but most importantly, he is the pioneer of Northern Lights generators into the Dutch yacht building industry and has created a legacy that won’t be forgotten.   We sincerely thank Maarten for his years of dedicated service and wish him and his wife Alice health and happiness in this new chapter of their lives.

Throughout this transitional period, we can assure the marketplace that Northern Lights is committed to providing the same level of exceptional service that has become a hallmark of the brand.  We look forward to continuing to work with all of you to provide our state of the art power generation systems and further introduce our Technicold line of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. 

We invite you to visit us at the Monaco and METS shows to discuss our products and meet our new representatives from MarPower.