Nicaraguan Ships Head Into Waters Disputed by Colombia

By MarEx 2012-11-27 11:45:02

Nicaraguan ships are already exercising control over resource-rich Caribbean waters claimed by Colombia, but granted to them by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last week.

Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega has contacted Colombia about implementing the court’s ruling, which grants disputed islands to Colombia while offering rights to fishing and oil-filled waters to Nicaragua.

The ruling stated that the territorial waters extending out from the seven islets, which are closer to Nicaragua's coast than Colombia's, should not cut into Nicaragua's continental shelf – reducing the expanse of ocean belonging to Colombia.

According to Reuters, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos ordered his country’s navy to remain in the area granted to Managua until the ICJ has ruled on an appeal that he is presenting to the court.

Last week’s case related to seven Caribbean islets and the associated offshore rights surrounding them.