Nationwide Strike Closes Nigerian Ports, Affects Maersk Services

By MarEx 2012-01-12 14:53:23

Maersk container ships loaded with food and other consumer goods are being prevented from entering Nigeria’s ports due to a nationwide strike that has brought the terminals to a screeching halt.

This strike has been ongoing for four days. Locals have taken to the streets to protest against their government’s actions in removing popular fuel subsidies. In doing this, the price of petrol doubled and local banks, shops and schools were forced to close.

According to Reuters, eight of Maersk’s vessels have already been affected in transporting goods due to the port disruptions across the country. Most vessels are anchored outside the ports until further notice. If the strike does not end, they will likely be sent to ports outside of Nigeria. This region does, however, represent about 60 percent of Maersk’s container ship imports to West Africa.

Nigeria’s primary oil union’s goal is to shut down oil and gas production from Sunday. Even on a minor scale, this happening could significantly impact the country’s economy. Operations are normal as of now.