MOL & Cosco Container Ships Collide Near Hong Kong

By MarEx 2012-02-24 15:45:27

An MOL container ship collided with a Cosco container ship earlier this week, just southeast of Hong Kong.

The MOL Maneuver encountered Cosco’s Zhen He while under way from Singapore to Yantian in open waters. MOL has stated that there were no injuries among the crew members onboard the vessel, and no oil leaks have been detected. After the collision, the ship was capable of sailing under its own power.

Investigations were still being conducted onboard the Cosco ship, but no injuries or oil leaks have been identified or confirmed as of yet.

The MOL Maneuver serves on the trade route from Europe to the Far East, and has a capacity of 6,7000 20-foot equivalent units. The Zhen He has a capacity of 3,800 TEUs.