Meyer Designs Floating Cruise Terminals for Floating Real Estate Concepts

floating cruise terminal
Meyer Floating Solutions concept for a modular, floating cruise terminal

Published Sep 6, 2023 8:18 PM by The Maritime Executive

Meyer Group, the parent company of the shipbuilder, is presenting modular designs for floating cruise terminals as its latest concept in floating real estate. Looking to diversify its operations in the aftermath of the pandemic, Meyer last year launched a new company within the group called Meyer Floating Solutions.

Meyer Floating Solutions, based in Turku, Finland, is focusing on developing new solutions using floating real estate that can leverage the construction capabilities of the shipbuilding group. The company first announced in March 2022 incorporated and rebranded Admares Marine, which had been spun out of modular construction company Admares Group. Among some of the first concepts they have presented is an overwater terrace expansion for Dubai as well as floating villa, and hotel concepts.

Ports they explain are facing a growing challenge in developing berthing capabilities to meet demand. The world’s leading ports have been able in many cases to partner with the leading cruise lines to develop new terminals. Meyer Floating Solutions believes its concept can address the needs of smaller ports and those that lack the significant infrastructure needed to develop new terminals. 

They believe it is an approach that can reimage port development with a focus on sustainability and flexibility. The floating terminal concept provides the versatility to expand or relocate terminals as needed by using floating modular construction and adaptable modules. 

The modules would be constructed at one of the group’s three shipyards and moved to the port for deployment. The approach streamlines pier systems that would minimize disruption to both land infrastructure and the natural environment. Once in place, they would be secured with arrangements such as mooring dolphins and fixed mooring arrangements.

Meyer highlights that it is fully adaptable to provide complex terminals equipped with up to three piers able to accommodate multiple ships simultaneously. They envision a length for the piers between approximately 670 and 1,050 feet. The footprint for the terminal would be about 1,345 feet in length and 870 feet in width. The modules could provide hotels, parking facilities, energy supply centers, or shopping complexes.


Meyer Floating Solution's concept for a floating hospital


The floating terminal is the latest in a series of concepts Meyer Floating Solutions is presenting. They also offered a concept for a floating hospital. Unlike full-scale hospital ships which are cost-intensive and require full port facilities, the floating hospital would have the ability to reach remote areas and locations with shallow archipelagos. Meyer highlights the floating hospital could be used for emergency responses or provide full hospital services to new locations. 

Meyer Group recently announced a reorganization of its corporate management as it continues to seek steps to diversify from its focus on cruise ship construction. New business concepts, such as Meyer Floating Solutions, are one of the elements they are pursuing for the future of the company.