Markey Winch Onboard Monterrey Helps Bring Splendor Home

The tug boat, SMBC Monterrey, played a major role in bringing the Carnival Splendor to the San Diego port last week after a fire left the ship disabled.

The SMBC Monterrey works out of the Costa Azul LNG Terminal on the north west coast of Mexico and was called in to assist in towing the Carnival Splendor. An easy task for this tug, outfitted with a powerful Markey DESDF-48WF winch.

This 521 kw winch has dual drums each with a capacity of 200 meters of 80 UHMW-PE soft line for use against a Bollard Pull of 75 tons. This advanced winch uses frequency electric drives, dynamic motor braking and water-cooled disc brakes, making it capable of asymmetrical render and recover operation that can maintain constant line tension even in rough seas.

The Markey winch allowed the SMBC Monterrey to safely tow the Splendor and her passengers to San Diego.

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To learn more about the SMBC Monterrey, visit www.morantug.com