Maritime Evidence Guidelines Published

gathering evidence

By The Maritime Executive 2017-05-18 20:17:55

The Nautical Institute’s latest book Guidelines for Collecting Maritime Evidence is now available. 

The guide is intended for anyone at sea and onshore – master, crew and managers – who might need to handle material after a maritime incident that could be used as evidence for later legal proceedings or insurance claims. It is designed to remove uncertainty from the task and therefore reduce the risk of seafarer criminalization. 

The book is a completely revised edition of The Nautical Institute's The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence. The scope has been broadened and the content updated to reflect the growing importance of electronic evidence. A state safety inspector, master, insurer, surveyor, lawyer and an arbitrator each describe evidence collection from their own point of view, explaining what material needs to be gathered and how it will be used. 

The book is accompanied by a separate Handbook that can be kept on board as a quick reference guide.

Nautical Institute President Captain Duke Snider said, “This book should be required reading for all officers.”

The Guidelines are available at http://www.nautinst.org/pubs; price: £45; ISBN: 978 1 906915 54 4.