Invest in Ships - Powerful, Dynamic Shipping Investment Analysis Tool

By MarEx 2012-01-26 15:35:11

Seaxl® Marine Software demonstrates the ability to analyse any shipping project from conceptualisation through to a more in?depth analysis and final consolidation of current fleet or likely projects in a few easy clicks

Ship owning and operating is a volatile and capital intensive business. Timing is crucial to success. Purchases of second hand tonnage, placement of newbuilding contracts made and delivered at the right time can make a significant contribution to success in shipping operations. Knowledge of your market and its movements together with gut feeling are a priority.

Invest in Ships® continues your in depth knowledge of the facts and translates them into financial terms, quickly and simply in real time.

Most people in shipping have an overloaded schedule; you are not going to get done what you really want to get done. Second of all, you want to delegate some of the load with confidence and expect to receive workings and calculations that are always consistent with your high quality and criteria. Thirdly you want to be able to edit, discuss, asses with your colleagues and associates and see the results in real time and with the required level of analysis.

Invest in Ships® covers the whole gamma of shipping investment analysis from conceptualisation of an idea through to a final consolidation of your current fleet or likely shipping projects. The workflow is designed with your busy schedule in mind, simplified to a maximum to reduce the number of keystrokes. Editing of any project simply requires you to amend specific data making results immediately available.

The program contains varying levels of analysis that cover the following workflow:

Quick and Dirty (QnD) – “back of a cigarette pack” calculation from your initial visualisation of a project to fast and sufficient detail to enable you to assess the quality of the deal
Advanced Project – market knowledge and gut feeling expressed with in depth financial analysis of any shipping project
Consolidation – a myriad of consolidation options of specific projects, existing or potential
What if? Analysis ? Change your parameters at any time on any level to obtain instant results

Sometimes we are in a hurry. The phone rings, we click on the wrong button, we become absent minded, mistakes are made without us realising it. Ample validation checks and alerts are built into the program to help you along, limiting possibility of human error, to an absolute minimum.

Have you ever gone hunting for specific documents, frustrated as to how the files were named and where they are located? You know the feeling and the frustration. Construction of file names, assembling all related work, no matter who performs this and locating them in specific folders is done automatically for you. In addition to this the program will routinely direct you to the right location allowing you to simply click on the work file importing the data into your work area.

Quick and Dirty (QnD) “back of a cigarette pack calculation” – All your entries are made on a single data sheet and dynamically compiled into various reports and presentations instantly. Change, amend estimates and projection parameters, prepay loans, terminate the project (sell the ship), plug in escalation for OPEX and surveys and see what effects and savings are made available. Simple, single parameter changes open up your horizons for deeper assessment. Convince yourself that your conceptualised deal is worth pursuing. If you do hit the right cord, hit the Transfer Project button and move onto the Advanced Project area for further investigation and analysis.

Advanced Project ? Moving from one level of analysis to the next, from the QnD to the Advanced Project transports you to a higher level of analysis without having to re?enter the basic existing information. Once transferred simply update the missing links, always in a very convenient manner.

Refresh annual operating days, including leap year calculations, distinct between OPEX and employment, is completed with a simple click of the Refresh button. Similarly many more shortcuts for completing data are made available including special and intermediate survey dates, based on the date of build, auto fill TC rates, commissions, trading days, interest rates and many more.

A very dynamic tool also involves the auto fill of break?even TC rates for any year/s.

These very powerful built?in shortcuts reduce your project evaluation time to an absolute minimum with no fuss.

Once the deal is concluded, or you need to test, merging the current project with your existing fleet, clicking on the Export Project button transfers and automatically updates your fleet database. Your project has now been consolidated.

Consolidation – There is a myriad of consolidation options available which include by project, by ship type, DWT, by bank, year built and a mix of any of the available options. Watch the program compile these in real time in a matter of seconds. Change consolidation parameters as many times as you wish and view the effects immediately on screen or print the required report.

Finally What if? Analysis could not have been made simpler. Change any number any parameter on any project at any time and see the effects immediately. Using the specially developed Navigation Panes included within each module Invest in Ships® allows you to interact between the specific reports and data areas very fast and with specific focal points. No time is wasted.

Reports and Dashboard presentations take full advantage of Microsoft® Excel® 2010 rich visual graphics features. Clicking on any one of the available charts will zoom into a larger area of each chart and allow you a more critical interpretation of the data.

Each separate module from QnD to the Consolidation has an array of very clearly laid out reports both visual and financial. These include amongst other, detailed Cash Flow, Financial Statements Pro Forma, Ratio Analysis and Dashboard presentations. Various tools have been applied here to make your life easy to read on screen reports applying highlighter bars on each row and where necessary a cross line highlighter is used to cover both row and column and mark the spot you need to focus on.

Reports are of very high quality and can be instantly used either on screen as presentations or as printouts in reports for internal management discussions or for the use with third party negotiations and presentations.

The conclusion is that this little gem of a program will help you calculate and asses, very quickly any single or multiple shipping projects, with ease and confidence, consistency and accuracy no matter who performs the work process, keeping it simple, affordable and reliable.

Give it a try. There is a 14 day free trial option downloadable from the Seaxl® Marine Software website.