Indian Fisherman Shot in Run-In With Pakistani Security Forces

File image courtesy PMSA

Published Nov 7, 2021 8:34 PM by The Maritime Executive

On Saturday afternoon, an Indian fisherman was killed in an altercation with forces of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, according to Indian officials. 

The fishing vessel Jalpari had departed the port of Okha, Gujarat on October 26. The boat was fishing off the coast of Jakhau, a town adjacent to the Pakistani border, when it encountered Pakistani forces on Saturday. 

Under unclear circumstances, forces of the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency opened fire on the Jalpari at about 1600 hours Saturday, according to Indian authorities. One fisherman from the village of Vadrai, Maharashtra was killed in the run-in. The victim was identified as Shridhar Chamre, 32. 

The vessel's skipper was also reportedly injured during the incident and has been hospitalized for treatment. 

“We have taken serious note of this incident. We are going to take up this issue diplomatically with the Pakistan side,” an official told Indian media. 

Police said that the incident occurred beyond the 12 nautical mile line, in international waters. An investigation into the circumstances is under way. 

In a statement, the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency said that its forces had arrested a different Indian boat for illegal fishing, but it denied that any shooting incident had occurred - or that it had even interacted with the Jalpari

"PMSA is unaware of any incident where someone has been killed or injured . . . PMSA has no knowledge about the boat Jalpari or its crew state," the agency said. "PMSA as per standard operating procedure uses nonlethal means while undertaking law enforcement actions. Humanitarian aspects are always kept in mind while dealing with fishermen."