Hyundai Heavy Launches World's First Mobile After-sales Service for Ships

By MarEx 2011-08-11 16:42:26

Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s biggest shipbuilder, launched today the world’s first mobile after-sales services (A/S) for ships.

Hyundai Heavy’s mobile A/S system, m-PASS, enables shipowners to monitor status of equipment installed in the ships, retrieve information about ships and equipment makers, and find contact points for maintenance staff via smart phones.

With the mobile system, Hyundai Heavy can perform maintenance and repair services anytime and anywhere reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, Hyundai Heavy’s maintenance staffs are able to exchange technical information and sailing schedules with shipowners and equipment makers.

PHOTO CAPTION: Ship supervisors using m-PASS

The Ulsan, South Korea-based company has also been operating e-PASS since August 2011, a website for after-sales service, to enable clients to gain an access to a variety of information about ships from delivery to dismantling. The Company also plans to adopt the mobile maintenance system to its marine engines.

Hyundai Heavy has been active in applying IT to its shipbuilding business. The Company unveiled WiBro, the world’s first high-speed wireless data communications network exclusively designed for shipbuilding in May 2010, and IT-based remote monitoring and controlling smart ship system in March this year.