Headway Additional Orders of OceanGuard BWMS from POET

By MarEx 2012-11-19 15:23:00

Following Headway successfully received orders from the well-known offshore operating company POET in Singapore in June, 2012, and OceanGuard Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) will be installed onboard two PSV of new generation, recently, POET signed new orders again with Headway for two MPSV. The additional orders signed, fully proved the recognition of customers to OceanGuard BWMS as well as the trust to Headway.

The most fundamental reason for POET once again chose OceanGuard BWMS is the convincing Technology of Advanced Electrocatalysis Oxidation Process (AEOP) , whose high and complete sterilization?with no corrosion or secondary pollution, is far superior to other ballast water management technologies.  The compact design and small footprint makes it easy and flexible to be fitted on various vessels with different internal structures, solving the problem of shortage of space which customers have always worried about.  Compared with other technologies, the power consumption of OceanGuard BWMS is only about 1/5 of the UV technology. So many outstanding advantages make PEOT decisively once again choose OceanGuard BWMS. PIC from POET indicated clearly the above reasons to choose Headway, at the same time, they also stated that they were quite satisfied with the service concept and attitude Headway held, which is also one of the most important reasons why they adhered to the second cooperation.  High quality products and efficient service is the key to business success. Headway has also been adhering to the corporate spirit of “Dedication + Innovation”, with “create the most satisfactory products for customers” as mission, finally winning most customers’ recognition for its courage of facing challenges and the persistent efforts.

At this point, orders and applications of OceanGuard BWMS have covered bulk cargo carrier, container ship, oil tanker, luxury cruise, research vessel, multi-purpose vessel, semi-submerged ship, tug, barge, PSV, MPSV, coastal patrol vessel and so on, which can provide a variety of reference in design and installation experience for customers? OceanGuard BWMS is, and always maintain the BWMS with the largest export volume and most installation references in China, enjoying a high degree of popularity and reputation both at home and abroad.

Finally, the additional order signed makes Headway be more aware of the importance of service network. It is the professional and complete service network that helps Headway to win the second cooperation opportunity with POET. Headway has established 120 service bases in 56 countries, and never stopping continuing to build the global service network, in addition to constantly adding service bases, Headway also provides professional training for global partners to enhance service quality and ensure customer satisfaction. In the future development, Headway will continue to make perfecting global service network as a priority, continue to strengthen professional training for partners, gradually form into a regional management model, and strengthen the co-ordination and management of the network.