Greek Frigate HS HYDRA Joins EU NAVFOR

By MarEx 2012-02-06 12:48:56

Following passage south through the Red Sea, the HS HYDRA will join the multi-national EU NAVFOR off the Horn of Africa on 4 February 2012.

HS HYDRA is a MEKO 200HN type multiple role frigate which has been in the service of the Hellenic Navy since March 1992. She has a displacement of 3,350 tons, a crew of 189 and carries an SH-70 Sea Hawk helicopter.

The Greek ship joins EU NAVFOR to protect merchant vessels carrying humanitarian aid of the World Food Program, other vulnerable ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean as well as operations to deter and disrupt piracy while monitoring fishing activity off the coast of Somalia.

Source: http://www.eunavfor.eu