German, Chinese Ships Collide in North Sea

A Chinese bulk carrier was carrying fertilizer and heavy fuel when it collided with a German cargo ship northwest of Denmark on Monday in the North Sea.

The Hong-Kong flagged, CLEANTEC, bulk carrier was carrying 30,000 tons of fertilizer and 1,000 tons of heavy fuel when it collided with the German-flagged container ship, FRISIA ROTTERDAM.

The bulk carrier has a 23-foot gash in its side and is noticeably listing. The 24-crewmembers were evacuated and the ship was towed to the Danish port of Skagen.

Emergency spill response vessels responded to the site as a precaution, though no spill has been reported.

CLEANTEC, managed by Adani Shipping of China, was traveling from Klaipeda, Lithuania to Paranagua, Brazil when the incident occurred.

FRISIA ROTTERDAM, managed by German based Hartmann Schiffahrts, was only slightly damaged and is expected to continue its route to Bremerhaven, Germany.

An investigation into the cause of the collision is being conducted.