Four Pirates Killed During Release of Indonesian Flagged Bulk Carrier

By MarEx 2011-05-05 08:01:37


On May 1, pirates received a ransom for the release of the Indonesian flagged MV SINAR KUDUS. Pirates had been holding the vessel and crew since March 16. 

After the ransom payment, reported by pirates to be $4.5 million, was made, the crew and vessel were safely released and the 35 pirates onboard left the ship. The Indonesian military says the final four pirates took off in a speedboat. The military Special Forces pursued the speedboat, shooting and killing the four pirates.

The Indonesian military says the attack was planned and that they made sure to wait to engage until after all 20 Indonesian crewmembers were out of harms way.

The MV SINAR KUDUS set sail to the nearest secure port guarded along the way by Indonesian warships. The ship owner said that the ship will undergo maintenance, receive a new crew, and continue to Rotterdam with its cargo of ferro nickel worth an estimated $170 million.

Just one day earlier, on April 30, pirates attacked and hijacked the MV Gemini approximately 180 NM East of Malindi, Kenya.

The Singapore flagged product tanker was on its way to Mombasa, Kenya from Kuala Tanjung, Malaysia when it was attacked. The ship has a crew of 25 (4 Korean’s, 13 Indonesians, 3 Mayanmar, 5 Chinese).