Four Fishermen Rescued From Rocky Islet After Grounding

Courtesy Salvamento Maritimo

Published Nov 2, 2023 12:17 AM by The Maritime Executive

On Tuesday, Spanish rescue agency Salvamento Maritimo and the Galician coast guard rescued four survivors from the top of a rocky islet after a fishing vessel went aground and partially sank.

That morning, the fishing boat Nuevo Abeijón was operating off the coast of Monte Louro, a promontory on the rugged western coast of Galicia. At about 1025 hours, a good samaritan fishing vessel made a Channel 16 VHF call to report that Nuevo Abeijón was too close to the rocks, and that an emergency was developing. 

The Nuevo Abeijón grounded, and the crew were able to climb to safety on the rock outcropping, charted as O Neixon. Slammed by the surf, the wooden boat partially sank, and the crew were trapped on the top of the islet. 

The regional maritime rescue center dispatched the rescue boat Salvamar Regulus to the scene. However, the waves around the rock were too high and dangerous to permit the boat to approach and take the survivors aboard. Instead, Guardacostas Galicia sent a helicopter to hoist the four men aboard. All were delivered safely to a hospital in nearby Barbanza for evaluation. 

Salvamar Regulus was able to pull the wreck of the Nuevo Abeijón off the rocks at about 1230, removing any threat to navigation from the vessel's still-floating hull.