Formation of SeaTiger Capital

Today it was announced that SeaTiger Capital (a Marshall Islands based company) has been formed by subsidiaries of SEACOR Holdings Inc. (NYSE symbol: “CKH”)(“SEACOR”) and Tiger Group Investments, Ltd. (“TIGER”).

SeaTiger Capital will provide structured financings and make financial investments in industries related to the strategic operating experiences of SEACOR and TIGER.

Charles Fabrikant (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SEACOR) will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Graham Porter (Founder of TIGER) will serve as Vice Chairman. Furthermore, Dick Fagerstal (Head of Corporate Development and Finance of SEACOR) and Julian Proctor (Managing Director of TIGER) will serve on the Board of Directors and also act as Senior Partners and Co-Heads of SeaTiger Capital supported by a team of investment professionals out of SEACOR’s and TIGER’s offices.

Charles Fabrikant said: "We are pleased to join forces with TIGER. As a highly successful ‘value oriented’ investor with considerable experience in the shipping industry and with geographical expertise in Asia Pacific and China we see TIGER’s experience as complementary to SEACOR’s. SeaTiger Capital should provide the opportunity to source more prospects for financial investments in areas where we have considerable knowledge of both the assets and the related operating risks."

Graham Porter commented: "SEACOR's broad industry experience and demonstrated ability to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns in its diversified businesses was a significant attraction for us when considering the formation of SeaTiger Capital. The combined investment team has a broad global contact network and many years of successful investment experiences to draw on and we will cover the market via our respective office networks."

Dick Fagerstal and Julian Proctor stated: "We believe there are many and varied financing and investment opportunities for SeaTiger Capital as we will look to provide structured financings and make financial investments in a broad set of related industries, including: traditional shipping, energy services, logistics / infrastructure, transportation, aviation, and related businesses."

For additional information, visit www.seatigercapital.com or contact: Dick Fagerstal at (212) 621-9283, Julian Proctor at +852 2160-5168, Evan Behrens (212) 621-9282, or Christoph de Buys Roessingh at +852 5300-4258.