Eight Dead, Seven Missing in Sinking off of Libya

Areas of control, Libyan civil war (Government of National Accord in light olive green)

By MarEx 2017-03-17 20:23:33

[Brief] Middle Eastern media sources report that eight seafarers are dead and seven missing after a Turkish-flagged cargo vessel went down about two nm off the coast of Misrata, Libya. Six crewmembers were rescued by port personnel and the Libyan coast guard.  

Reda Issa, a representative of the Libyan coast guard, told Reuters that a search for the remaining seven crewmembers is still under way, but has been hampered by foul weather. 

"The search is underway for the seven missing . . . but the sea is very rough and the waves are high," confirmed Navy spokesman General Ayoub Qassem. He blamed the casualty on the age of the ship and the severity of the weather conditions. 

Misrata (or Misurata) is Libya's main trade center, and it is adjacent to the commercial harbor at Qasr Ahmad, Libya's largest seaport. It is under the control of the UN-recognized Government of National Accord.