Deck-Based, Containerized System to Speed Hydrogen Commercialization

hydrogen deck container
The hydrogen system would be placed on deck in a container to easy installation (HAV)

Published Aug 30, 2022 3:37 PM by The Maritime Executive

Seeking a solution to help fast-track the commercial use of hydrogen as ship fuel, a Norwegian startup, HAV Hydrogen has developed a containerized hydrogen energy system for ships. According to the company, its deck-based system provides cost advantages and can be used for the main propulsion systems, or for additional power supply on board the vessel.

HAV Hydrogen’s containerized solution is based on 200kW hydrogen fuel cell modules. It is a stand-alone, scalable power supply where all support and safety systems as well as electrical power management are included. The solution can be scaled to meet the needs of the vessel, with for example the ability to produce 1,000 kW output from a standard 20-foot shipping container. By using larger containers, or combining several containers, larger capacity energy systems will also be available.

“The containerized, deck-based system is our response to shipowners who want a retrofit option that represents significantly lower cost and risk for vessels that have not already been prepared for a conventional retrofit installation below deck,” says Kristian Osnes, managing director at HAV Hydrogen. “For newbuild vessels, it can be a solution that reduces risk and complexity for a technology that is new to most shipyards, a system integrator for marine fuel cell solutions.”

The HAV Group has been developing complete and scalable hydrogen systems to be used on big and small ships and last year integrated HAV Hydrogen into its offering as a system integrator that cooperates with suppliers of fuel cells and hydrogen tanks.

“Our containerized solution can be the quick route to zero-emission for many vessel types,” explains Osnes. “It is easy to install and enables the customer a quicker route through the challenging approval process for hydrogen systems.” The modular design the company notes means that output can be dimensioned to provide optimal zero emission power in desired operating situations, sailing patterns, and vessel types.

The containerized H2 deck-based solution is based on HAV Group’s previous work with hydrogen-based energy systems for installation below deck. The FreeCO2ast project, which worked with Sintef Ocean and Prototech, developed a maritime hydrogen-based energy system with a liquid hydrogen tank below deck. Earlier this year, the Norwegian Maritime Authority and DNV granted preliminary approval for the below deck system.