Damen Launches Longest Pontoon Ever & New Crane Barge 6324 Design

By MarEx 2012-05-23 09:30:14

Damen Shipyards has launched the first of its newly designed Stan Pontoon (SPo) 12032. The SPo 12032 is the longest pontoon ever built by Damen and part of a series of 34 pontoons currently being built. In addition, Damen Pontoons & Barges has started building a second new design: the Damen Crane Barge (CBa) 6324, a transshipment barge for handling dry bulk and container operations.

The 120 m long and 32,2 m wide Stan Pontoon was launched at Jiangsu Ganghua Shipyard, one of Damen’s Chinese partner yards. With a deck strength of 20 t/m², its heavy duty deck is suitable for heavy ro/ro operations. The pontoon’s ballast system includes Econosto valves and Azcue pumps. Furthermore, the SPo 12032 is equipped with two DMT-winches, a Van der Leun electrical system (incl. a Caterpillar generating set), an International Paint system and it is classified under Lloyd’s Register. Together with 16 smaller pontoons (varying between 41 x 13 m – 91 x 27 m), the new pontoon will arrive in the Netherlands in September 2012 on a semi-submersible vessel.

New Damen Crane Barge
Damen’s newly designed crane barge is called the CBa 6324. It’s a shallow draught transshipment barge (optionally self-propelled) able to on- and offload ship-to-ship and ship-to-quay and vice versa. The CBa 6324 (i.e. 63m x 23,5m) is outfitted with a Liebherr CBG 350 crane with a grab load capacity of 35 t @ 12-36m and a hook load capacity of 45 ton @ 12-36m. The average throughput will be around 20.000 T a day.

There’s accommodation for 12 crew, incl. a pantry, a change room, an office and of course cabins. Several of these new transshipment barges are currently being built, with the first ready for delivery in November 2012 (The Netherlands) and the second in December (China). Crane Barges 3 and 4 will be available in Q1-2013.

Hulls in stock
Currently more than 35 pontoons are under construction at Chinese partner yards under Damen supervision. Mr Frank Koppelaar, Product Director Pontoons & Barges, says: “Damen is continuously developing and building new pontoons and new barge types, based on proven design and adapted to changing market circumstances. We’re building our full range, from 30 x 11 m barges to 120 x 32 m barges, and sell them from stock, so delivery times can be shortened to weeks and in some cases even days.” A new series of Offshore Accommodation Barges will get started soon as well.

Rhumb Maritime
Last but not least, the Damen Stan Pontoon 4113 which was ordered by Australian chartering company Rhumb Maritme has been launched last week and is currently ready for delivery.