Crewmember of CMA CGM Container Ship Medevaced After Eye Injury

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By The Maritime Executive 01-15-2020 06:14:00

[Brief] At about 1900 hours, the French Navy's maritime search and rescue center (CROSS) Jobourg heard from the maritime medical consultation center in Toulouse that a crewmember of the container ship CMA CGM Otello had sustained an eye injury. 

After consultation with the Maritime Medical Coordination Service (SCMM) in Le Havre, the medical team decided to proceed with an immediate medevac. CROSS Jobourg called up a French Navy Caïman helicopter stationed at Maupertus to carry out the mission. At the time, the container ship was located about 50 nautical miles from Cherbourg in the southbound lane of the English Channel traffic separation scheme.

At 2005 hours, the 24-year-old man was hoisted by helicopter and transported to Caen-Carpiquet airport. At about 2115 hours, he was transferred to an ambulance, which carried him to the university hospital center (CHU) of Caen Normandy.