Coast Guard, Resolve Marine Rescue Cargo Ship

The Morgenthau, foreground, with the BBC Colorado and Resolve Pioneer (courtesy USCG)

By MarEx 2016-10-12 21:18:33

The U.S. Coast Guard, in partnership with the crew of Resolve Marine's AHTS rescue tug Resolve Pioneer, successfully assisted a stranded general cargo vessel in the Gulf of Alaska, just in time to avoid a severe storm.

The BBC Colorado sent a distress signal to the USCG on October 5, reporting a severe engine casualty which restricted her speed and maneuverability. The Colorado was located in the Gulf of Alaska, an area notorious for foul weather, and the forecast called for 50-knot winds and 30-foot seas. The Coast Guard diverted the cutter Morgenthau to respond. The Morgenthau was on a fisheries enforcement mission about 450 nm away at the time of the call, or roughly 15 hours out at cruising speed. 

USCG watchstanders also issued a general marine assistance request. Resolve's towing vessel Resolve Pioneer responded to the call and got under way to meet the Colorado on October 7. The Morgenthau remained on scene to assist as needed until the tug arrived. 

The Resolve Pioneer took the Colorado in tow over the weekend and got underway for Washington state. 

The Morgenthau and Pioneer have trained together on emergency tows, including a response exercise in September specifically focused on large vessel assists. 

The Pioneer is a 1,000 gt, 80-ton bollard pull anchor handling tug supply vessel. She has been home ported out of Dutch Harbor since 2013 and used for salvage and ship assist missions. Dan Magone, of Magone Marine Services, said that Resolve merged with his firm and deployed the Pioneer in order to be available in the event of a major casualty, like the 2004 wreck of the Selendang Ayu. 

The Pioneer was also involved in the search for the abandoned trawler Alaska Juris, among other recent projects.