CMA CGM Joins Hydrogen Project

Energy Observer
Energy Observer

Published Feb 10, 2020 4:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

The CMA CGM Group has joined a project promoting hydrogen and renewables with the Energy Observer, the first hydrogen vessel sailing around the world.

Energy Observer, formerly a race boat, is sailing round the world to test energy solutions based on hydrogen, solar, tidal and wind power.

Hydrogen is a limitless energy source that generates up to four times more energy than coal and three times more than diesel. The green hydrogen used by Energy Observer is made from seawater using on-board renewable sources of electricity (solar, wind and hydropower). Producing and burning hydrogen does not result in any greenhouse gas or fine particle emissions.

Energy Observer and CMA CGM experts will work on technologies suitable for the shipping industry. CMA CGM will also contribute its shipping and logistics expertise to Energy Observer by transporting the Energy Observer village around the world. The village will be made from converted containers and will be used to present the latest technological innovations and raise awareness about ecological transition issues.

Earlier this month, Toyota announced it has developed a fuel cell system for the vessel. The technology is also being made available for other maritime applications.

So far, Energy Observer has visited 25 countries, 48 ports and cruising range has reached approximately 18,000 nautical miles for three years. Ultimately, the operators of the vessel plan to meet people in 50 countries and 101 ports with an aim of demonstrating the advantages of clean energy systems.

Energy Observer

Length: 31 meters
Width: 13 meters
Weight: 34 tons
Height: 12.85 meters
Draft: 2.2 meters
Crew: 8
Average Speed: 4/5 knots (electricity), 8 knots (propulsive wings)