Carnival Cruise Ship Rescues 24 in Small Craft off Florida

24 people rescued from small boat by Carnival cruise ship
Small boat rescued by a Carnival cruise ship - courtesy Carnival Cruise Line

Published Oct 19, 2020 4:17 PM by The Maritime Executive

[Brief]  A Carnival Cruise Line’s cruise ship rescued 24 individuals aboard a small boat in distress off the coast of Florida on October 17.  While the cruise ship, the Carnival Sensation, is not operational, it is one of nearly a dozen Carnival cruise ships laid up in the waters off Florida and in the Bahamas.

According to reports from Carnival Cruise Line, the Carnival Sensation, came upon a small boat overloaded with people approximately 37 miles to the east of Palm Beach, Florida in international waters. The cruise ship initially determined to maneuver alongside the small craft to render assistance.  The Carnival crew supplied the people in the boat with life jackets, blankets, water, and other food supplies.

Small boat alongside the Carnival cruise ship - courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line

The crew of the Carnival ship, however determined that the small craft was overloaded and taking on water placing the individuals aboard in danger. The people in the small craft were taken aboard the cruise ship, which is operating with a skeleton crew. The medical staff on the cruise ship evaluated the 24 people who were determined to be of various nationalities and included two children. After being brought aboard the cruise ship they were placed in quarantine away from the crew of the ship.

Carnival reports that they contacted the appropriate authorities, including the United States Coast Guard (USCG), informing them of the situation. The Coast Guard dispatched a cutter to the scene and took the 24 people from the small craft into their custody.

The Carnival Sensation remains laid up in the Bahamas.