Caribbean Shipping Firms Discuss Climate Change


By MarEx 2016-05-16 21:05:20

The Caribbean shipping industry gathers this week to discuss trade with Cuba, climate change, disaster relief preparedness, port automation, insurance and other pressing concerns.

The conference, organized by the Caribbean Shipping Association, hosted by Port Canaveral and held in Cocoa Beach, Florida, runs Sunday through Wednesday, and includes a series of talks by distinguished panelists. Speakers include Ricardo Torres, economist from University of Havana, and Charles Baker, director general of the shipping container terminal at Cuba's Port of Mariel, discussing the reopening of relations with Cuba and Cuba's place in regional trade; and Rick Murrell, chairman and president of Tropical Shipping and Charles Serrano, director of Cuba Trade for the Antilles Strategy Group, discussing climate change and disaster relief. Other guests include Ruben Ramos Arrieta, counselor for the economic and trade office at the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C., and Angus Friday, Grenada's ambassador to the United States. 

CSA says that greenhouse gas emissions place high on its agenda this year. “Players in the maritime sector have been called upon to do more [on climate change] – as [newbuilds] will have to . . . reduce emissions by 30% [after 2025],” the group said in a statement. 

Additional speakers include Doug Wheeler, President of Florida Port’s Council, Jerry Allender, Chairman of the Canaveral Port Authority and David Jean Marie, the President of the Caribbean Shipping Association.

On Tuesday, attendees will tour Port Canaveral's facilities. The conference will end Wednesday.