Cargo Ship Goes Missing Off India

By MarEx 2011-11-28 09:08:40

A cargo ship carrying six crewmembers has gone missing off the coast of India along the Lakshadweep coast. 

The 160-ton MSV Al Akthar was sailing from Mangalore near the Amini Island amid heavy winds and rough seas when it went missing around 5 in the morning on Sunday.  According to Lakshadweep authorities, four rescue boats had been dispatched immediately after news surfaced that the ship went missing.  Unfortunately, due to the treacherous weather the rescue teams couldn’t sail very far.

The Al Akthar was reportedly carrying fruits and vegetables from Mangalore to Amini Island when the rough sea conditions caused the vessel to go missing after a distress call was sent on Sunday.  So far the ship has not been able to be traced, despite a let up in the weather that allowed rescue boats to sail further out at sea. 

During the operation, another cargo ship identified as MSV Al Faisal which sailed with the Al Akthar was found caught in the rough sea unable to keep its balance.  The rescuers saved the Al Faisal ship around 10 a.m. and continue to search for the Al Akthar.

The identities of the six missing crewmen have not been disclosed by authorities.