Bordelon Marine Announces Expected Delivery Date of 1st of 3 New 252 Stingray Class DP2 Vessels

By MarEx 2012-08-10 12:12:47

Bordelon Marine Inc. announces the expected delivery of the first of three vessels from the new Stingray class series 252’ DP2 PSV and MPSV. All of the vessels will be built at the Bordelon Marine Shipyard in Houma, LA. The expected delivery of the first vessel, the M/v Connor Bordelon, is January 2013. 

Wes Bordelon, President/CEO, said:

“We are very excited to introduce the new Stingray DP-2 PSV and MPSV series. The Stingray is a prototype design that incorporates a number of cutting edge features and capabilities, only commonly found in much larger new generation vessels. The concept here is to give our clients a more affordable MPSV or light IMR/ROV support vessel option.”

“The Stingray series has been a dream of ours for several years now. We wanted a vessel that was truly a multi-purpose hybrid type design that stayed within a reasonable size and cost range to the client. This vessel does that very well. It offers all of the necessary cutting edge technologies and capabilities, but keeps it all within a 3,400 DW boat.”

“We gave a lot of thought and consideration to the comfort of the Mariners, when we designed this vessel. These boats are the home away from home for our guys, and you can’t expect them to be safe, smart, and productive unless they are well rested and comfortable with their surroundings. Each stateroom has a private head, individual climate controls, and TV, internet and phone connections”

“People always ask me why on earth would I want to be in the ship building business.(?) It’s messy, expensive, and incredibly risky. Well for us it’s simply about the boats. If you stay in this business long enough, you develop a genuine affection and appreciation for these boats.  Some people look at them and see a big hunk of rusty steel. I see an amazing balance of power, engineering, and thought. We wanted to be able to build a unique vessel that was our design alone, and to the needs and standards of our customers. We also wanted to build the vessel on our timeline and make whatever changes we needed, with a focus on quality instead of just price and schedule. A shipyard gives you the options to do all of those things. Plus at the end of the day, you have a lot of real big tonka toys to play with.   


View Spec Sheet here.

Stingray series class vessels are 252’ x 52’x 18’ DP-2 with a clear deck of 188’ x 44’ (8,272 sqft) and a top speeds of 14 knots.

The Stingrays feature Cummins QSK 60-M (Enviro friendly) Tier3 main propulsion along with Schottel 1215, 220 hp per Z-Drives and Schottel STT2, 1020 hp per bow thrusters. The Stingray can hold 158,400 g fuel oil cargo, 4,000 ft3 bulk mud cargo, 9,600 bbl liquid mud cargo in three separate systems and 121,900 g potable water cargo. All systems are fully automated and controlled from the Bridge. The vessels can accommodate up to 40 passengers and feature an internal ROV office and control room. The Stingray series are SOLAS classed, FIFI 1 ACCU, EEP 175, and Tier3.