Bold Move of the Day - Costa Concordia Captain Sues Over His Firing

By MarEx 2012-10-10 13:51:29

Costa Crociere fired Captain Francesco Schettino back in July of this year following the infamous Costa Concordia tragedy in which the cruise ship under Schettino’s command ran aground off Giglio Island, killing 32 passengers.

The company confirmed that it established punitive actions against the captain, resulting in his dismissal.

In turn, Schettino – who abandoned his sinking ship – is now suing the company for “unfair dismissal”.

About 7 months after the shipwreck, the captain apologized for being distracted on the night of the incident upon his release from a house arrest sentence. The prosecutor handling the case said Schettino told lies when giving his account of his handling of the ship during an appearance on Italian television.

Schettino is under currently under investigation for multiple manslaughter charges, abandoning his post before the evacuation of all 4,200 passengers and crew had been completed and failing to communicate properly with the maritime authorities.