Another 'Adventure' Cruise Ship Stranded in South Atlantic After Power Loss

By MarEx 2012-04-13 09:27:04

In what seems to be one of the worst years for the recreational cruise industry, another ‘adventure’ cruise ship is stranded in the South Atlantic due to loss of power. The Dutch vessel, operated by Oceanwide Expeditions, lost power on Monday – about 10 days after departing from Argentina.

During the mechanical partial engine failure that drained the ship’s propulsion power, no passengers or crew were hurt. All 73 passengers and at least 42 crew members are safe on board. A rescue ship is scheduled to arrive from Argentina today to transport the passengers and crew back to Uruguay. They should arrive back on land by April 24th. In the meantime, crewmembers are doing their best to organize excursion programs to pass the time.

Reported conditions on board remained good; there is enough food and the heating is still working.

The M/V Plancius, which was originally built for the Dutch Navy in 1976, is now docked at King Edward Point Research Station in Grytviken, South Georgia. The 31-day expedition's ultimate destination was the British territory of Ascension, but many stops at some of the world's most remote islands were intended along the way.